Who are we?

BTO is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of primary and rechargeable battery packs. Custom designed battery packs are used not only in Poland but also throughout the whole world. The main applications of our battery packs are: industry, power tools, storage devices, medical devices, electric bicycles and electric vehicles. Our company also sells all kinds of batteries, flashlights and other equipment powered with batteries.

Since 1990, BTO has been in the forefront of companies operating in this sector on the domestic market. By providing products for sectors like military, police, border guard and firefighters, BTO has won a good reputation in terms of modernity of applied solutions and reliability.

BTO’s strategy is based on development achieved through the introduction of new solutions and innovations, as well as attention to the quality and reliability of our products. Therefore, the company has created a laboratory where all offered packages of batteries are tested.


PRODUCTION and service

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