battery packs

BTO is capable of designing and producing battery packs in accordance with customer specifications. Our specialists take into consideration individual requirements and specifications of the battery. We will make sure the desirable voltage, current, power, operating time are correct, and also that all have been designed in accordance with applicable law. We will advise the best solutions and appropriate design parameters. We will help you create the best product because your satisfaction is most important for us. We will put the resulting battery pack to the most rigorous tests and close observation in our modern labs so that you get the best quality product. We will also help obtain the necessary UN, UL1642 certificates.


projektowanie pakietow


BTO product RANGE:

  •     Battery packs for electric vehicles,
  •     Solutions for E-bikes, electric scooters
  •     Smart Grid - energy storage
  •     gardening tools, power tools, home appliances
  •     medical devices, alarm systems

and many others. We invite you to contact us.

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