Lithium Iron Phosphate technology - Li-FePO4 combines the advantages of high current efficiency, long service life, safety and high energy density. LiFePO4 batteries are used in high-current applications. They have a nominal voltage of 3,3V and can be operated in the voltage range from 3,6V to 2,0V. The big advantage of these cells is their lifetime, which reaches several thousand charge / discharge cycles. The Li-FePO4 cells exhibit increased - compared to other lithium-ion technology cells -tolerance or resistance to inappropriate operating conditions. However, like most lithium batteries, they require the use of appropriate protection systems PCM / PCB / BMS.

Key features:
•    Low self-discharge
•    Large capacity
•    Long life cycle
•    No memory effect
•    Fast charging

BTO offers LiFePO4 cells of brands such as: Headway, A123 and (available upon request/order) Sinopoly, Winston, CALB, WINE.

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