Designing & construction

BTO can offer complete solutions for battery systems in accordance with the given technical requirements - from standard rechargeable cells/batteries using single cells, to custom battery packs with intelligent control systems for the most demanding applications. We take into consideration all the design ideas of our customers.

projektowanie konstrukcja
laboratorium serwis

Our specialists will be able to provide you with the optimal solutions. Our design department operates with Solid Edge software by Siemens, thanks to which we can eliminate most of the design faults already from the very beginning. In our production/service department and laboratory, protected against ESD, battery packs of the highest quality are produced - for applications such as the automotive industry, medicine, gardening equipment, home appliances and many more. Only batteries/cells from reputable companies that meet the highest international standards are implemented for our battery packs. We invest in modern technology, equipment and tools, and subsequently this is reflected in the quality of our products.


  • ESD equipment
  • Cell testing devices
  • Simulation of pre-defined test scenarios according to customer parameters
  • Thermal shock, vibration, stress tests (optional)
  • Welders

Our staff are trained in handling and shipping dangerous products, and are certified by IATA.

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